We believe in intuition and inspiration which ignite the imagination and ideation. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is power, but imagination is super-power. Knowledge has a limitation, but imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution and innovation. Inspiration along with perspiration results in miracle.

Nature is the greatest means of inspiration. Each lap of nature springs a unique message which generates profound imagination if observed and believed intensely

Nature is the utmost evidence for existence of GOD. Nature is the art of GOD. We look deep in the nature and then understand the beauty, silence and glimpses of GOD everywhere. Protecting nature is direct service to GOD.

GOD are the principal source of inspiration for all creatures. GOD are universal and ubiquitous. But the truest form of GOD in the entire universe is one’s PARENTS (Mother & Father). PARENTs are Creator as well as Preserver. They signify the existence of GOD on this planet. PARENTS are Super as GOD are Supreme. Yes. Yes. Yes. They are.

My PARENTs are the Supreme source of Inspiration for me. Their lessons, guidance and instruction inspire and motivate me to maintain positivity in all adversity and face the challenges courageously, confidently and calmly. They advise, “Be Focused, Be Cool, Be Persistent. You will achieve your Goal.”

Lord ShriRam – Jannaki and my parents ShriRam – Vaidehi have great similarity as ShriRam – Sita. They are the most revered and adored GOD of all time.

They bless everyone and say सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन

Be Blessed.

श्रीराम-जानकी समर्थ

श्रीराम-वैदेही समर्थ

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